HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems) is a specific application of SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems). In other words, HIPPS is an integrated set including some mechanical and electronic devices whose main function is high quality over-pressure protection by shutting off the source of the high pressure.
HIPPS package includes an instrument loop which consists 3 major section
1: Initiators: Process sensor that measures process variable such as pressure, Temperature or flow rate
2: Logic Solver: The programmable Electronic System (PES) receives signal from the initiators, pre-forms the required logics and drive the final element
3: Final Element: block valves such as ball, axial flow or slab gate valves with solenoid actuators working on logic solver
GSSE HIPPS PACKAGES covers full range of size 2-36 inch and pressure rating 150-2500 and API up to 10000 PSI

Emergency Shut Down Valves – ESDV

The  GSSE Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDV, ESD, ESV, SDV) are used to isolate pressure and flow from a particular source during an overpressure situation or detection of a dangerous event. ESD valves are integrated into the design of the plant system equipment and can be installed in-line to any location upstream, midstream or downstream.

The GSSE ESDV family of products provide:

  • Immediate control of overpressure, high liquid level or both with integrated design
  • Integrated control panel
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically operated
  • Upstream installation flexibility due to connective design

The emergency shutdown function is always performed by an emergency shut down valve. An emergency shut down valve (also referred to as SDV or Emergency shutdown valve, ESV, ESD, or ESDV) is an actuated valve designed to stop the flow of a hazardous fluid upon the detection of a dangerous event. This provides protection against possible harm to plant team, equipment or the environment. ESDV form part of a Safety instrumented system.

GSSE offers a wide family of shutdown valves, actuators and positioners are engineered to prevent catastrophic incidents when deviations in critical processes occur. Our product lines cover a breadth of SIL, ANSI and DIN class ratings, providing solutions reliable enough to handle the most critical oil & gas applications, whether onshore, offshore or processing. Shutdown valves are primarily associated with the petroleum industry although other industries also require this type of protection system (power generation, chemical industry…)