Control Valves


TG Series

Single ported, heavy top-guided control valves are designed with built-in versatility making them the most widely used control valve, well-suited to handle a wide variety of process applications.

CG Series

The rugged cage guiding, optional pressure balancing, and a host of custom-engineered trim designs make these valves suitable for higher pressure drops and other severe service applications, where conventionally designed control valves fail to perform satisfactorily.

LG Series

LG series control valves offer excellent control of liquid services with high-pressure drops and entrained particulate. The dirty service anti-cavitation trims feature multi-stage protection against damaging effects of cavitation and erosive solids.

DP Series

The DP series double ported control valves are designed to handle a wide variety of process applications. Construction features have been carefully selected to provide optimum performance. The concept of the top and bottom guided double-seated design helps to improve the rigidity of the valve at higher flow rates and pressure drops.

MF Series

MF series designed specifically for low flow applications, the micro flow series provides excellent throttling control performance with a wide range of options and capabilities.

Design optimization has also resulted in an extremely integrated and compact assembly.

BA Series

A heavy duty ball control valve with parabolic segment ball, excellent solution for high viscosity fluid application.

BT Series

The BT series butterfly valves are of high quality, multi-purpose control valves.  They incorporate all the advantages inherent in butterfly valves, including good flow control characteristics, high capacity at low-pressure drops, substantial savings in initial, installation, and maintenance costs, and compatibility with a variety of actuators, both power, and manual.

SF Series

Steam conditioning or desuperheater control valve. This package is designed to manage steam condition by injection of water into passing steam.