Sazandegan Sanat Espadana

Goroohe Sazandegan Sanat Espadana (GSSE) Established in 1999 with high level of engineering specially in manufacturing process and mechanical field. Management of GSSE has valuable experience in many industrial plants in various sectors in Iran as well as in Germany and Malaysia. The company is located in Esfahan close to the biggest steel complex in Iran. Our working team is skillful personnel and most of them are trained for special purpose. We have a machinery park of modern CNC machine tools in big sizes such as VTL, Horizontal Boring, Bridge Type Milling, etc.

History of GSSE.Co

GSSE started its activity by manufacturing heavy metal parts via CAD-CAM technology for different sectors of industry such as cement plants under the license of KHD Germany .
For steel plants we manufacture and refurbish expensive equipment such as positive displacement blower lobes for direct revive steel plants, continues casting molds and bearing housing
GSSE applied reverse engineering method in the field of Oil & Gas, petrochemical and refineries in order to produce equipment and spare parts specially wellhead and Christmas tree , Gate valves , control valves seat plug stem ,cage and body, turbine shafts, hydro-static bearings and etc.
We have got ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 10004:2010, ISO/TS:29001:2010, BS OHSAS18001:2007, HSE-MS, ISO 10668:2010 certificates from TÜV Germany.


In the recent years we have arranged to purchase Know-How and training related to Oil and Gas industry, modernize our CNC machines to the latest automation technology, implement the most updated cladding technology of Inconel, Monel and Stellite to comply with NACE MR0175 for extreme sour service in order to diversify on the following issues:


Wellhead and Christmas tree


Gate valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Ball valve, Butterfly valves.

Special Valves

Control valves, Power plant valves, Safety valves

Our Clients